Six on Saturday – Raindrops keep falling on my flowers


Someone must have speeded the film up.  It can’t possibly be Saturday again.  There is so much to cram into every week, it doesn’t seem fair that the time seems to pass more quickly at this time of year.   As we are pondering this anomaly, puzzled looks on our faces, gaining yet more wrinkles, there is a more than likely a crack team of scientists studying this very phenomena.  Let us hope so.  I could do with a few more hours at the very least.  The hard fact is that we are back in our happy place again.  Six on Saturdayland.  Take a look at the website of The Grand Vizier of the Independent State of SoS where you will find other Islanders and a guide to help you on your way if you wish to join in with the conga.  Let us proceed.  Due to circumstance all of my flowers this week are a little wet.  It has mizzle/drizzle/rained all day and although this scuppered my plans I am pleased for the garden.

First of all we have a gazania, the first flower to open from a couple of trays of locally grown mixed plants.  I’m sure they have been enjoying the hot sunny spell we have had up until today.  Quite what this sun-loving, South African daisy will think of the dreary North Devon weather I can’t be sure.  Might make a nice change, although this is unlikely.

Salvia argentea

Next we the Salvia argentea, silver sage, a fabulously furry creature that I have mentioned before in Six on Saturday – Monochrome.   I am pleased to report that it over-wintered and is as adorable as ever.  A pet without the vet fees.


Now we have a hosta, which has so far escaped the inevitable ravages of molluscs.  In order to keep a keen eye on it, it lives in pot outside the front door.  It was a gift, along with a couple of others, from Chambercombe Bob and is just about to flower.  I am very fond of it.  Bob’s nice too.

Nasturtium 'Black Velvet'

On to Nasturtium ‘Black Velvet’, which although is quite velvety isn’t terribly black.   A bit out of focus, but it was raining and I was balancing and who cares.   This seed was purchased at an end of season cut price jamboree/full-on-combat event.  Everything was fifty pence, I am hyperventilating just thinking about it.  Myself and Nancy Nightingale wrestled a rather persistent lone male shopper for the spoils.  No prizes for guessing who won the bout.  We make a fine tag team.


A rather pretty pink pelargonium is next, unnamed, bog standard, generic and quite beautiful.


Finally, a little late on parade, we have a buttercup yellow primula.  Bought on a stall somewhere on my travels, perhaps car boot sale or open garden.  It is a welcome splash of colour before my tardy dahlias begin their display.  If I can keep them safe.  Which is not a given.

That is your lot my lovelies.  Until the next time!

17 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Raindrops keep falling on my flowers

  1. I read your post with a smile on my face; that feeling of ‘will I be able to manoeuvre my hand through this huddle of people and onto that miserable little plant before anyone else does?’ Well it was worth it for that Nasturtium because it’s a lovely rich colour. I’m not sure about the silver Salvia though. Looks like a bit of used cotton wool to me. Perhaps I have to see it in the flesh, so to speak.


  2. That Salvia is, well, weird. Never seen nor heard of it before. It was rather unfair of you to team up with Nancy. You do not need assistance! I remember that time someone shouted “Free seeds” and off you went whilst I and some considerate others following behind picked up and administered first aid to those unfortunate enough have to be standing, unwittingly, in your way!


  3. Hey! You sure have some cool flowers! Not many admit to growing nasturtiums. I have been growing them since I was a little kid, and am not about to stop now. I have not grown ‘Black Velvet’ in a very long time. It was a bit too dark for the garden where I grew them. Someone suggested growing them with the palest peach colored nasturtiums that were available at the time. You can imagine how the looked together, although they were pretty sweet individually. That silver sage teddy bear thing looks pretty cool too. Sages are very popular here, and I have a native specie that keeps coming up. It is not very pretty but SO aromatic!


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