Six on Saturday – Monochrome

dahlia seed head

This week I have, like many others it would seem, been undertaking a challenge.  My task has been to post a black and white photograph on Facebook, each day for seven days.  Usually I avoid these modern day chain letters, but on this occasion I thought it might be good fun.  There are a few rules.  The picture is to reflect the contributor’s daily life, must not feature people and the contents are to be left unexplained.   So on this dismal November day I thought I would continue this theme with my Six on Saturday, the only other internet team sport I participate in, curated by the magnificent The Propagator.

It is to be a hybrid of memes.  Six black and white photographs, taken in my garden, with a description of sorts.  To reflect the current dark depressive weather I have also decided that these monochrome pictures are to channel Ingmar Bergman rather than my usual Keystone Cops.  In that mood I will continue.

Our first photo is of a dahlia seed head; misunderstood, searching for some glimmer of hope in a loveless world.  Its damp and musty bonce bowed in disappointment, unlikely to fulfil its potential. 

Next we have a lonely leaf, clinging on desperately to the mother plant, determined not to let go, although the inevitable must surely happen.  We are all doomed to fall.

Now to the experiment in the basement.  Like a House of Horror exhibit the garlic cloves languish, infusing their magic to create a dangerous elixir.  A destroyer of aphid and all sap suckers and leaf munchers.

Onto the shag pile leaf of Salvia argentea.  This abused plant has struggled on for the past couple of years.  Once the euphoria of germination had passed, others have taken over in the affection of the gardener.  Unlikely to survive a winter outside, hanging on by a thread, but hanging on.

Pebbles, a bleached shell, a broken piece of pot.  All is desolate, unyielding and lifeless.

Lastly we have the euryops, a bud of hope in this dreary world.  All being well it will continue to produce buttercup yellow flowers throughout the winter, brightening and lifting the spirits.  Oblivious and defiant.

Well I couldn’t leave you on a low now could I?

Thanks Mr P.  Same time, same place?

20 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Monochrome

  1. There is something very atmospheric about monochrome photographs. The rather stunningly beautiful salvia may, of course, survive another winter INSIDE. Must confess that there’s no way I’d have been able to rise to your challenge so I salute you. (OK, I don’t have a FB account.)

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  2. Very Edgar Allen Poe, especially the languishing garlic cloves. And the salvia . . . I began wondering if there were whiskey in the house. My liver thanks you for ending on a hopeful note! All in all, I think your challenge was well met.


  3. There really is something about monochrome, isn’t there? I’m intrigued by your garlic cloves, as I grew garlic for the first time this year and have a LOT of garlic. Do you have any more detailed instructions? Steep in water(?) for a period of time(?) then pulverize(?), strain(?) and spray(?).


    1. What I did was bash it about with a rolling pin a little, simmer on the hob for a bit, then cool. Dilute the strained liquid and spray. Very vague but I am sure you can find something on line that is more precise. I just kinda made it up as I went along. Seems to work though.


  4. You were up to the task, yet again. Love the one with Salvia.
    Saw this meme on FB (where I participate more on business purpose :0) takes a lot of time to be
    at once in all places….


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