Six on Saturday – Time Travel

Today, Saturday 24 March 2018, I am on a secret mission with several other SoS-ers.  It is thanks to the magic of time travel and WordPress scheduling I am able to bring you my contribution this week.  Take a look at our leader The Propmeister‘s blog and all will be revealed about what Six onContinue reading “Six on Saturday – Time Travel”

Six on Saturday – Monochrome

This week I have, like many others it would seem, been undertaking a challenge.  My task has been to post a black and white photograph on Facebook, each day for seven days.  Usually I avoid these modern day chain letters, but on this occasion I thought it might be good fun.  There are a fewContinue reading “Six on Saturday – Monochrome”

Euryops chrysanthemoides – African Bush Daisy

I may have mentioned it before but I have a bit of a thing about cotoneaster, specifically Cotoneaster horizontalis.  This “thing” is situated a little south of “hate” and a little north of “irritation”.  My gripe is not so much with the plant (it can’t help its lack of charisma) but the fact that itContinue reading “Euryops chrysanthemoides – African Bush Daisy”