Six on Saturday – Hot, Not Bothered

Well that was a hot one, wasn’t it?! First time this year I’ve said those immortal words “It’s too hot!”. They definitely weren’t ideal working conditions, there was a lot of skulking in the shadows. Someone who throughout our mini-heat wave was undoubtably as cool as a cucumber frozen into an iceberg, was our leaderContinue reading “Six on Saturday – Hot, Not Bothered”

Happy New Plant

Another new year, another new plant.  This Sciadopitys verticillata, the Japanese Umbrella Pine, has irresistible charms.  It is true that I am not know for my resistance (generally futile), but when I noticed that this little darling was half price the die was well and truly cast.  A mere babe in arms at the moment, it has theContinue reading “Happy New Plant”