I am off on my adventures again.  The only difference is this time it is real.

Adventures are relative, what is a meander in the park for some is a winter long Antarctic expedition for others.   This is somewhere in the middle, perhaps veering towards the park end.

But it involves flying. Which ain’t natural.

I’ll be back, God willing, in a week and a bit.

As always I am depending on you to hold the fort.

Here is a very pretty rose to keep you going.

16 thoughts on “Adventures

  1. Just thought! I liked your post telling us you’ll be away for a week and a bit. I hope you don’t take that as implying that I’m glad you’ll be away for a week and a bit. Uh, I am glad if you’ll be away for a week and a bit doing something you like. But I’m not glad that you haven’t mastered the techniques of blogging from afar. They even have internet cafes in Outer Mongolia you know. I hope I have explained myself succinctly.

    Probably not.

    But then I’m not into trying to sip bathroom fitments through a straw. Not even cider for that matter. Have a great time (great as in good not as in overweight due to over-indulgence). 🙂


  2. Flying might not be natural but is for me a magical experience, transporting one to a place so different from the departure lounge. Have a great time! x

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