11 thoughts on “Landed

  1. Hope you had a nice time. Resident cat just went into hysterics at the sight of catnip! He squishes about 15 plants a year rolling, curling up, nibbling, fighting off other cats who want to invade his nip patch. But your photo implies that you deserted a lovely cat. If so, shame! 😉

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  2. Welcome home! We buried our Saffy Cat under a huge catnip, then her sister spent the next few years rolling about on top of the grave, we might have guessed that Bubbles would have the final say. They both loved the stuff so much.


    1. What a lovely story! We put a rosemary plant over our Charlie because she loved to sleep under our large shrub. Now neighbouring cats sleep under it. I wonder if it is because they like the scent.


      1. I am sure that cats go for scents that they enjoy. Saffy Cat once got so ‘drunk’ after rolling in the catnip that she tried to jump on to the garden bench, fell off and landed on her head, then lay sprawled on the ground until I dashed out to make sure she was OK. I was rewarded with a ‘I meant to do that’ look.

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