Arrive with a Bang, it’s the only way!

Was anyone paying attention?  Do you remember me mentioning my distinct distrust of flying?  My absolute terror of turbulence?  So which one of you organised this as reported in the Majorca Daily Bulletin

Let us say that we arrived with a bang.  And a crash.  And an hour late.

The 45 minute late night drive to the villa was illuminated by continual lightning on all sides.   Half an hour after arrival, coinciding with a crack as if the world were splitting open, the lights went out.  After some tentative poking about in fuse boxes we went to bed to the sound of torrential rain and sporadic flashes.

By lunch time the following day the electricity was back on, the rain had stopped, the Mediterranean sun was doing its best, and I had already spied jacaranda, hibiscus, lantana, oleander, and bougainvillea.

All was well in the world.

5 thoughts on “Arrive with a Bang, it’s the only way!

  1. Your dedication to your readership is unquestionable. Rather than simply deserting us and buggering off on a foreign jaunt, you go out of your way to arrange entertaining drama and suspense. Just wondering, though, what do sporadic flashes sound like? 😉

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  2. Were you still around for ‘THAT’ storm on the Friday of Bank Holiday weekend? We watched the lightening show approaching from the west for an hour then I went to bed. It seems I slept through the thunder and rain that eventually arrived. I bet Majorca was really lovely at this time of year before the summer heat sets in. I’m so glad it was worth flying to.


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