Six on Saturday – Immobile

There have been happenings this week.  Those who have missed out on recent events can find all the juicy details in my post A Different Boot.  Ok, it’s not terribly juicy, but I was trying to entice you in.   Will this accident keep me from my Six on Saturday obligations?  I think not.  I amContinue reading “Six on Saturday – Immobile”

Arrive with a Bang, it’s the only way!

Was anyone paying attention?  Do you remember me mentioning my distinct distrust of flying?  My absolute terror of turbulence?  So which one of you organised this as reported in the Majorca Daily Bulletin Let us say that we arrived with a bang.  And a crash.  And an hour late. The 45 minute late night driveContinue reading “Arrive with a Bang, it’s the only way!”