March of the Nasturtium


There is seldom need to sow nasturtium more than once.  Not in my world anyway.  In this garden we dance a horticultural dance, sometimes I am leading, more often not.  At this time of year they are ever marching like a marauding army.  Tumbling through and over and round, charming constrictors in opal fruit hues. Rarely do I have the inclination to pull them aside.  It could be that I am aware that their days are naturally numbered.  The caterpillars are munching and before long a wayward frost will turn them to mush.  I am confident that next year they will return as strong as ever, just a few months hiatus in their domination.  And yet again I will let them run wild.

33 thoughts on “March of the Nasturtium

      1. You do realise that Jeanette pulled away from Nelson because he could only sing at full volume and trying to match him was destroying her voice? She was actually much more successful when they parted company.


  1. Can’t really imagine pulling nasturtiums out… Love your description of them! I think they are among the most cheerful flowers the garden ever grows. Admittedly I’m just starting to get them established in this garden! 😉


  2. We put in six plants last year down on our plot. This year, I’ve been pulling out great armfuls of them to add to the compost heap. And we still have thousands of blooms for the bees to enjoy. Rampant is the only word for them. Rampant.


    1. And what a wonderful word that is! Rampant, but easy to pull out and (apart from the odd bit of smothering) they don’t do any harm to other plants. I wonder how many plants you will get next year? You could try the pickled seed thing and let us know how you get on …. 🙂


  3. I love them too. Unfortunately I get all leaf and very few flowers but I will take your advice and let them fall where they want to. I do buy seeds and push them into the borders and from now on I will leave them alone and hopefully they will find the right spot for themselves.


      1. This is so interesting to hear because being new to blogging (just one year) I wasn’t sure if reblogging is helpful or if it’s a bit of a cheek. I can see that as long as there is a point to be -made that fits in with what I write about and what you have written about then it is OK. My soil is so rich with 30 yrs of compost that nasturtiums don’t do well – too much food for them but I shall persevere. best wishes Julie

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