Six on Saturday – Still Waiting


Once more unto the Six on Saturday, the global meme hosted by superhero The Propagator.  Following last week’s “Nearly’s” I am sorry to report that out of the six potential stars we only have one performer, and that is rather a half-hearted attempt.

So we will start with something that is at least trying, a honeysuckle, holding its flower head high above the griselinia hedge below.  No idea where it starts, or indeed where it ends, but I claim it as our own.

Pelargonium 'Pink Capricorn'
Pelargonium ‘Pink Capricorn’

Next we have Pelargonium ‘Pink Capricorn’ and friend.  I  featured this little beauty a couple of years ago in Pastel Power.  This means it has survived the onslaught of two wet and windy North Devon winters.  Fingers crossed for the next one!  And of course for the for the spider.

Salvia corrugata
Salvia corrugata

Here we have the sole member of last week’s bud group that could be bothered to flower in time for today. Salvia corrugata is making a feeble effort to bloom.  Don’t you realise that people are waiting!?

Acer palmatum
Acer palmatum

Having just tallied them up for the first time, I can report that we have five Japanese maples in pots.  They are various unnamed Acer palmatum cultivars, bought as tiny sticks many years ago. Several were from Woolworths, ah the wonder of woolies, we miss you.


Another anonymous osteospermum, I love this copper colour, and like its golden counterpart included a couple of weeks ago, it has enjoyed a summer snuggled on a sunny step outside the kitchen door.

Hedychium forgottenum

Lastly we have another ginger lily, unfortunately not the one I was hoping for.  Hedychium greenii has not moved one iota.  Still this first reserve hedychium has a stunning flower, a worthy understudy.  It was gift from Steve and Dawn at Devon Subtropical Garden.  To my great shame I have lost the label and don’t know which ginger it is.  I thought it was Devon Cream, but looking at it now I don’t think so. Rubbish gardener.  Steve and Dawn’s garden is open for the National Garden Scheme tomorrow, if you are in the area I highly recommend a visit.

That’s the lot, thanks Mr P!  I have a note from my mum for next week, so hopefully in a fortnight, like Arnie, I’ll be back.

27 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Still Waiting

  1. Another great six. I love acers. My own died this year, so it is nice to be able to enjoy yours vicariously. It was in a pot and I was travelling during what must have been a dry spell, but I was surprised and disappointed.


      1. I was genuinely thanking you. Did you know it is possible in this day and age to right click, select print and provide yourself with an output on paper? Saves a lot of note writing when you encounter a plant that you decide you want but ….. !

        I printed out your post (with note space) before you “corrected” it. So there. Engin the joy. May we have proof of your Mum’s note?

        I thought not!

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  2. Hi Gill
    Thanks for the plug for tomorrow. Hedychium fans have been enjoying the totally gob-smacking maximum in the greenhouse since mid August. The hedychium you have is a good form of gardnerianum (they do vary and we also have some not so impressive forms -somewhat relieved we gave you the good one) and is looking good. I’ll have some bits of the wonderful corelli as well as the real Devon Cream next spring and will keep some aside for you. Our greenei has been sulking for the past 3 years and I find it pretty underwhelming when it does flower. We have recently taken delivery of a shoe box of root bits of some of the very best hedychiums from an 80 year old collector in Germany so should have some good ones in flower next year.
    All the best
    Steve & Dawn


  3. I have a note from my mum for this week, but hope to be posting next weekend. I especially like the honeysuckle picture, outlined against such a clear blue sky. Pelargonium ‘Pink Capricorn’ has flowered for months for me but it always gets cosseted in the greenhouse where it takes its luck with the whitefly.


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