Six on Saturday – Still Waiting

Once more unto the Six on Saturday, the global meme hosted by superhero The Propagator.  Following last week’s “Nearly’s” I am sorry to report that out of the six potential stars we only have one performer, and that is rather a half-hearted attempt. So we will start with something that is at least trying, a honeysuckle,Continue reading “Six on Saturday – Still Waiting”

Pastel Power

This Pelargonium “Pink Capricorn” was a gift from Phlomis Phlo (after some extremely unsubtle hinting on my part).  It has thrived in a pot in the half-sun of the steps leading up to our small and imperfectly formed garden.  Perched here the fragrant leaves are handy for a quick fondle on route to bring theContinue reading “Pastel Power”