After a magical weekend away, I have re-crossed the border bringing with me an unauthorised companion, a Welsh cold.  Sniffles really, nothing to take to my bed for, in fact it is the kind of poorly that insists that you go outside in the fresh air and get on with it.  Before too long, the grim wheezy morning, when all you wanted to do was crawl back under the duvet, is a distant snotty memory.

My prescription was to dig brambles, pull ivy and prune ancient roses in the intermittent rain.  It seems to have worked.

20 thoughts on “Prescription

  1. Allowing for incubation, it is probable that you brought the cold with you from England. You know, the sort of cold that we Welsh wouldn’t notice as it doesn’t involve a concomitant temperature of at least 250C. So we allowed you to take it back home with you and claim on the warranty as it was obviously a defective cold.

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  2. You caught a Welsh cold? It just proves my point; we should all stay at home with a nice cup of tea and a biscuit and give up all this foreign travel.
    I love the pieris, do you know which one it is? I have bought a lovely dark pink one but it has to live in a pot as I don’t have acid soil.


    1. Nah. She brought an English cold with her. If it was a true Welsh cold, she (as an English person) would not have had the energy to even start a blog post. We Welsh are made of sterner stuff.


    2. This is in a garden that was planted up by the elderly lady who moved out 6 or 7 years ago. It is a beauty. As for my cold, take no notice of Mr K, I forgot to have my innoculations before I crossed the border.


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