Six on Saturday – Accusations


There have been accusations.   Wicked and cruel lies.  Rumours abound that I have been flaunting the Six on Saturday rules.  It would be unfair to name names as to the source of this gossip, but I will give you a couple of clues to their identity – Haribos and edifices.

I would like to put things straight.  Firstly, I must reiterate that I am far too scared of Our Leader (who has a chart and gold stars and black grim reaper stickers) to waiver from anything but the strict party line.  Secondly, there are rules?  Why didn’t anyone mention this before?

Onwards and upwards.  The first goodie of the day is an unnamed rose, already in the garden when we arrived.  A couple of days ago my OH made a special request for a photo of this beauty.   He says it reminds him of me – prickly and a bit rough around the edges.  It could have been much worse.  Unlike me it is deliciously fragrant and a repeat flowerer.  I really should take some cuttings.

Scabiosa 'Plum Pudding'

Next we have Scabiosa ‘Plum Pudding’, which has been bashed and buffeted about but is still hanging on it there.  The flowers out of season are lighter in colour and smaller in size than a few months ago, but still worthy.  Earlier in the week I sent The Prop some seed of this wonderfully richly coloured scabious.  Yes, that is right, a little bribery and corruption, anything to get another gold star, although to be honest he hasn’t mentioned one.  A little lax in habit, when placed with some supportive friends it will thank you (just like me).

Lavandula pinnata

Now the first Lavanula pinnata flower of the year, with a few more coming along in the background.  At first I thought it was a snail nestling in the bloom, but I’m wondering if it is the rear view of a ladybird.  I suppose I could go and check, but I’m not going to, looks cold out there, another storm on the way.   Whichever, it is probably quite happily in dreamland, overcome by the lethean effect of the lavender.


This is a new one to me, a tentacled fruit of Liquidambar styraciflua.  I have never seen one before, on our tree or any other, however I might just have been looking at my feet at the vital moment.  The RHS website describes them as “inconspicuous” – not so Your Highnesses, not so!  Once ripe I will of course be collecting the seed.  If I have plenty, I might share with anyone who likes growing things from seed ……..

Salvia corrugata

On to Salvia corrugata, just beginning to come into flower.  The mother plant died last winter, which is not really surprising as its home range is Peru, Coloumbia and Ecuador.  This is a cutting that was kept safe and sound.  Apparently seed was first collected from the wild in 1988 and all plants in cultivation come from the six seeds that germinated from that trip.  Precious.

Lastly we have a view of a section of the Bed of Anarchy.  Left to its own devices it has gone from strength to strength.  A few plants are struggling in the fray, but mostly they are finding their way and giving protection one another from wind, rain and chill.  Read whatever you will from that.

Another SoS completed, in time and on budget.   And the rules obeyed.  I must find out just what they are in time for next week.




29 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Accusations

  1. ‘Prickly and a bit rough around the edges’ – did OH have a painful gout when he said that?
    The rose photo is deliciously lit and photographed, and I would say that you are more the deliciously fragrant and a repeat flowerer type, you keep coming back in style whatever confronts you.
    It would be interesting to see how cuttings turn out growing on their own root stock. I know that Penelope Hobhouse used to have success with cuttings of Rosa ‘Mevrouw Nathalie Nypels’, which is another on my wish list.
    Why has your Lavendula pinnata been so slow to come in to flower? Not boasting, but mine has been in full bloom for the past 6 weeks. Perhaps it is desperate as it might be in too small a pot.


      1. That would be right, my plant is 3 years old. I have noticed previously that cuttings of lavender and salvia are slow to flower during their first year.

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  2. I love the Salvia corrugata and believe it or not, it’s available here. One to put on my wish list- along with so many other things I see on SOS posts. Also the bed of anarchy which could apply to several spots in my garden. I quite like them.

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    1. BIG – except it is in a pot and therefore will stay small. Hopefully. When you were asking about trees the other day I meant to say Hoheria sexstylosa ‘Stardust’ – lovely summer flowering (relatively) small tree.


  3. Love the salvia and the liquidamber seed is unusual, I have never noticed them before.
    A little package will be winging its way to you tomorrow. Ugly-nosed salvia and some seeds you might like. Sorry it is rather untidy, I have misplaced my little seed packets, so I had to wrap things up in kitchen paper.

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  4. Love that rose – yellow & scented, the perfect combo. For some reason, I’ve become interested in new rose purchases (maybe because I accidentally lopped off my Paris rose) & I do prefer yellow, so too bad you don’t have a name. There are several coral climbing roses on my street that I covet as well. Love a red peony but like my roses in the lighter colours, which is odd since I’m also hoping I have several grim reaper sticker. Will have to ask Jon about my status, as I’ve missed many a week of late.

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