Six on Saturday – New Friends

If it wasn’t for May, I think June would be my favourite month. There is still optimism in the air and the ravages of reality are yet to pay a visit. All is good. Anything is possible. Today is the first SoS of my second best month. All the pots have now been transported from the tender loving care of brother and sister-in-law’s garden to Peggy’s patio. I am very happy to be reunited. One was left behind, Magnolia ‘Heaven Scent’. This glorious tree is part payment for their kindness and a magnolia really should have its feet in the earth and not in compost. What is more, there is a perfect spot for it. Luckily/unluckily, Lazarus the acer failed to rise again this spring so there is prime real estate ready for moving into. And of course I am not the only Heavens in town. If you would like to take stock of this fabulous month in all its glory, at the four corners of the known universe, than you could hardly do better than to visit The Gamemaster and see what the other SoSers have been up to. All good clean fun, I am quite certain. Now we really should proceed.

First a self-seeded scabious that is possibly the godzilla off-spring of Scabiosa ‘Blue Jeans’. It is already attracting attention from the local bee population.

Next we have Aquilegia ‘Egg’ so called because …. suddenly I have a distinct feeling of deju vu. As I have told you the story a few time before, I will just precis it as follows: farm, eggs, aquilegia, heinous crime.

The sempervivum are picking up, seemingly nonchalant as to whether their most glorious and talented mama are by their side or not. To be truthful the same can be said for all of the other plants. I am trying not to take it personally.

Onto my yearly joy at the flowering of Rhodohypoxis baurii or equivalent. I am very happy to be corrected in its identification, but not by the fact they are little gems of wonder.

Now, we have something flowering in the little tufa planter that in its Devon life languished in the Frozen North. It seems, for some unexplicable reason, that since it has been in more convivial conditions it is growing splendidly. Any answers to this conundrum, please put them on a postcard and send to The Guilty As Charged. I think it is a lithodora, but I’m not certain. But still this blue makes my toes tingle.

Lastly, we have Potentilla atrosanguinea cosing up to Lilium ‘Forever Linda’, I have a feeling in my bones that we are all going to get on very well here.

That is your lot, my friends, have fun and be safe, until next time.

32 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – New Friends

  1. I am sorry that it is about a quarter to one in the morning, and I am too tired to remember the heinous crime. Should I? Goodness! I can not even remember what Lithodora looks like, and I featured it not too long ago! I must come back in the morning.

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      1. Okay, I am clear on the Lithodora. The crime, though, is not so heinous. Actually, it is not even . . . well, anyway, . . . Disappointed? Well, the Lithodora really is blue.

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  2. I guess you now have proof that the air/climate/atmosphere of God’s Own Country are indeed wondrous. Makes you want to sing, yes? *goes to find noise-cancelling headphones*🤓

    And so kind of you to grow a lily that’s the perfect colour for them little red thingies to hide in and have a decent chance of survival.

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  3. Please tell the egg story, I haven’t heard it! What a wonderful marriage between your lily and your potentilla, and the toe-tingling blue of the lithodora is indeed splendid, to borrow some lingo from one of today’s SOSers.

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  4. ‘farm, eggs, aquilegia, heinous crime’ since I am not without a similar inclination I ought to admit it was worth it! I have sempervivums this week, and watch out for next week, I may just show you my one single little Rhodohypoxis. This is starting to feel as if there is something startlingly eerie going on Sis!

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  5. I do like a scabious although for the first time ever I’m having a few issues growing some from seed. My mother-in-law has a lithodora that thinks it’s a climber, scrambling up a shrub. I had to refresh my memory regarding the aquilegia! Are you still planning a stealth planting in the dead of night?

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  6. Well I am also going to have to visit the origin of the egg/aquilegia story. Glad to see you are reunited with your babies again, even if they were doing fine without you. The colour of your Potentilla is fabulous and how on earth have you got a lily flowering already? I planted three Martagon lilies last month, all three were growing nicely when I went away, I have come back to find two have completely disappeared and the third has had its flower head bitten off. Guess that’s it then. No more lilies for me.

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  7. A lovely selection of plants as usual Gill. I have a similar aquilegia but it’s looking very unwell. I heard there is some sort of virus around that attacks them so I’m wondering if that’s the problem. Glad yours is so bonny.


  8. Nice six 😊 I’m a big fan of Rhodohypoxis and have them in pots all over the place, although sadly this year I lost my slightly tender pure white one ☹ it came from Pine Cottage plants but I’m not sure if they’re still going 🤔


  9. I am a Rhodohypoxis fan too, exquisite pink stars growing from an apparently empty pot. I think they would be more popular if they had an easier, more pronouncable name.

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