Six on Saturday – Bad Cop

Shall we cut to the chase. We have known each other long enough to be totally honest with one another. You know what comes next. I give The Prop a bit of a big up and a semi-amusing title, he totally ignores me, I waffle on a bit about stuff that no one quite understands and then I share some photos with you. Same old, same old. Well from now on there is going to be a new me: tough, unforgiving, ruthless. No more creeping around TP, no more nice little Gillykins, I have a new persona – Bad Cop. I’ll give a go anyway. Come on, you motley crew, let’s get this over and done with.

First we have a hitchhiking nasturtium, I love the scary teeth and its insistent ways. It doesn’t let anything stand in its way, it just forces through, taking no prisoners in its quest for garden, nay world, domination. Most admirable. (And the bumblebees love clambering through to the rewards behind.)

Next is Impatiens omeiana, slow to flower even though I have tended it. Some plants you just can’t please. You give and give and they can’t even be bothered to try. (Although to be honest the beautiful foliage is quite enough.)

Then Salvia ‘Neon’ which is looking rather pathetic in the rain. Don’t fall for that romantic raindrop nonsense. (The colour is stunning and not captured by my photo, I always have trouble with strong pinks.)

Now an unknown plant which was in a basket of flowers that my brother bought mum for Mothers Day. As soon as I moved in I chucked it out. Peggy needed to be reminded who was No. 1 child. (In reality it didnt go far and this little beauty is doing quite nicely. I will pot it on.)

Onto Correa schlechtendalii, what a name, seriously does anyone expect me to remember that! (But of course I shouldn’t moan about a word that isn’t familiar to me because it hails from a foreign language. Oh yes, and the flower is very pretty.)

Finally, another flouncy show-off attempting the dewy eyed look, AKA, the second Hibiscus syriacus in my temporary garden. (It is a large shrub and in the far corner, so I picked a few stems and put them in a vase for Peggy to admire.)

Over and out. (How did I do?) (Have a good week) (Take care and stay safe)

49 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Bad Cop

      1. It is nothing really. A friend in school got a small envelope of polka dot plant seed with a small pot full of medium for her birthday. She called Brent and I over to her dorm room to see it, and while we were there, another friend charged in and said most emphatically and with an ebonic accent (with nearly silent ‘r’) “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” Our friend who grew the polka dot plant referred to it as her birthday plant. Brent and I remember it as the same, but pronounced with an ebonic accent. So, like I said, it is nothing really, but a bit too weird to explain.

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      2. I tried to think of how to spell phonetically, but could not. “hapeh buhthday’? I have been taking abuse from Brent since 1986, but still can not speak Ebonics. Actually, he is none too proficient with it either.


  1. Impatiens omeiana always flowers late for me, assuming I haven’t let them dry out along the way. Nice Correa, I shall try to say that when I’ve put my teeth in. I think I have Salvia ‘Neon’ but I don’t think I call it that; one to check.

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  2. I do like impatiens Omeiana , like yours. The foliage is beautiful and thanks to Jim I have 3 varieties here, which have grown very well in the garden. I have never seen any flowers yet though. Nice corea !

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  3. I’d not want to get on your wrong side, a chara! There could be a bounty of close-to-the-bone verbal wordage arrive my way.
    To balance above, here’s my modus operandi to find your other side… The nasturtium is just gorgeous! I know it’s because you’ve been nurturing it well. You done good!

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  4. Stunning pink it is – that Salvia ‘Neon’ and your ferocious nasturtium, what a beauty ! Somewhere I have a story about motley crews, something to do with Liverpool dockers & not relevant here. However thank-you for your stories which send me off to other worlds .

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  5. I’m a real succor for nasturtiums and am always happy to pinch a few seeds if I see them lying on the ground. I’ve now paying off my community service by volunteering in ‘The Garden’ where I last pinched nasturtium seeds. So sometimes being the bad cop works! Hope you can comment on the Salvia on my post today Sis. I must take a close up of the stem to show the strange behaviour.

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    1. I’ve tried to reply to your post, but Firefox just aint playing nicely! Sorry the salvia is playing silly beggars, love to see the stem photo! If you keep nicking seed you will end up behind bars gain Sis and I will have to make one of my special file cakes x


  6. The thing is the bad cop routine is always just a front. Underneath the cop still has a warm heart. But on the subject of gardens, the nasturtium is a lovely stripy little one, and the Hibiscus is very pretty with the dark centre.

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  7. I think I like the bad cop Gill. Très amusant. What’s that? Not supposed to be funny?
    Pretty nasturtium. I really need to turf out the bog standard orange ones and get some with style. And that’s one very pretty Hibiscus, I thought at first it was a pelargonium.

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