GP – Blue Hydrangea

Let us talk about the fabled Blue Hydrangea, to some more desirable than the golden fleece, as sought after as the holy grail.  Each year at the local flower show there is a category for Best Blue Mophead.  This puzzles me.  Actually a lot of what happens at the flower show puzzles me (although IContinue reading “GP – Blue Hydrangea”


A request that puts fear in the soul of all but the most confident of gardeners is “can you identify this plant/flower/weed”.  This is the horticultural equivalent to the doctor’s “I have a pain in my left kneecap”, the builder’s “there is a leak in our back bedroom” and the chef’s “my cake didn’t rise”. Continue reading “ID”

Guest Photographer – Under Your Nose

Nepotism is such a maligned word.  The fact that these incredible photographs were taken by my brother is inconsequential.  To capture these images he undertook a long and arduous journey off the settee, out of the back door and into his garden, I would imagine that a packed lunch was involved.  And he hunts forContinue reading “Guest Photographer – Under Your Nose”