A request that puts fear in the soul of all but the most confident of gardeners is “can you identify this plant/flower/weed”.  This is the horticultural equivalent to the doctor’s “I have a pain in my left kneecap”, the builder’s “there is a leak in our back bedroom” and the chef’s “my cake didn’t rise”. Continue reading “ID”

Guest Photographer – Under Your Nose

Nepotism is such a maligned word.  The fact that these incredible photographs were taken by my brother is inconsequential.  To capture these images he undertook a long and arduous journey off the settee, out of the back door and into his garden, I would imagine that a packed lunch was involved.  And he hunts forContinue reading “Guest Photographer – Under Your Nose”

Araucaria araucana – The Monkey Puzzle Tree

This is the puzzle – how could a monkey climb through these vicious branches without doing himself some serious harm? Answers of no more than 15 words on a postcard please to: Mrs Nobody Nowhereisland The Universe The winner will be notified before the end of time and will be awarded with a great bigContinue reading “Araucaria araucana – The Monkey Puzzle Tree”