Six on Saturday – Ruthless

Beware, I am in a ruthless mood today.  Inhabitants of the garden that have not been performing to my exacting standards have been extradited to the green bin.  Oleander that has never flowered, promised once but was only joking – Out!  Dead stick thing that has been in extensive care for so long the labelContinue reading “Six on Saturday – Ruthless”

Six on Saturday – I’m Back

What do you mean you didn’t miss me?  I shall ignore you dissenters. For those of you who have been paying attention, I am back with my Six on Saturday.  After one whole weeks’ absence.  This meme is run by The Propagator, pop over to his site to check out his half dozen and other contributors. Continue reading “Six on Saturday – I’m Back”

Just Looking

Today I did a lot of looking.  Sometimes it happens that way.  Things catch your eye and demand closer inspection.  Like the raindrop on the ‘Lobelia Hadspen’ Purple flower above.  If you are in the pay of CSI or Miss Marple you will have noticed my reflection within the little drop. Then it was anContinue reading “Just Looking”