Six on Saturday – Most Things Come to Those Who Wait

The garden has changed significantly over the last couple of weeks. After the shock of the hot dry summer, which seemed to stall growth, a few weeks of clement weather allowed the plants to come into their own, albeit a little late. Now, several severe batterings by wind and rain later, the garden has hadContinue reading “Six on Saturday – Most Things Come to Those Who Wait”

Six on Saturday – Abridged Version

Bit rushed so here is abridged version of SoS. Cheers Mr P – check him out. No. 1 –  Respect No. 2 – New old pots No. 3 – Now? Are you serious? No. 4 – Broken primulas No. 5 – Garlic shoot, no poo No. 6 – Single Sophora Adios ’til next time!

Brugmansia sanguinea – Red Angel Trumpet

No, I haven’t been on a short break trekking in the Andes, this photograph was taken yesterday in exotic North Devon.  This is Brugmansia sanguinea, a glamorous member of the Solonaceae family, relative of the potato, tomato and aubergine.  The Red Angel Trumpet is tougher than it looks, although it will crumple dramatically if frosted,Continue reading “Brugmansia sanguinea – Red Angel Trumpet”