Six on Saturday – Ennui

Six on Saturday here we go again, all good friends and jolly good company.  Although I’m not feeling “jolly good company” this week.  On the contrary, I am rather uninspired.  Dull.  Boring.  Bored.  Perhaps a little bit grumpy.  But only a little.  Maybe I should ring in sick, but then again I’m away next weekendContinue reading “Six on Saturday – Ennui”

Six on Saturday – Aforethought

The weather forecast for today was dreadful; torrential rain, howling north easterlies, possibly frogs.  So, as a dedicated disciple of Six on Saturday, and a most sensible and organised person, I took my photos yesterday.  Today, so far, has been quite dry.  This is not the point, which is that I was prepared for allContinue reading “Six on Saturday – Aforethought”

Six on Saturday – Abridged Version

Bit rushed so here is abridged version of SoS. Cheers Mr P – check him out. No. 1 –  Respect No. 2 – New old pots No. 3 – Now? Are you serious? No. 4 – Broken primulas No. 5 – Garlic shoot, no poo No. 6 – Single Sophora Adios ’til next time!