Six on Saturday – Interloper

A Six on Saturday update from Inbetweensville; house viewings are proceeding and a couple of “close but no cigar”, life Chez Maman rumbles along nicely, gardening is good. The optimism tank is not empty just yet. The interim pot garden is doing well and Peggy is not subtle in her demands for the future, “As the plants are now in my garden, they are now officially mine and must stay when you leave.” she announced the other day. This reminded me of when my lovely Cloggie Sister-in-Law first visited the family mansion in Cornwall and foolishly left her chocolate unattended in the fridge. “Stop! That is Ellen’s chocolate!” my Mum proclaimed, as she caught my Dad unashamedly tucking in. “But is is my fridge” he reasoned. End of story. Where chocolate was concerned, there were no holds barred. Lessons were learned. In our house the Easter Bunny ate our Easter eggs, meaning they had to be secreted with the utmost stealth. Which might explain a lot. For less tragic, more floriferous, stories you would be advised to check out what our SoS leader, The Prop, is up to. I am sure he would never take candy from a baby.

Onto my contribution, as tempus is, as always, fugiting. This week, after an initial smack in the chops, my six are rather muted. I will explain. I have been let down. Again. Which has turned me from from the bright side to the subtle side. All will be revealled in the fullness of time. Actually in the next paragraph.

I should know by now not to gloat. It seldom ends well. A few months ago I swaggered, very unattractively, after finally acquiring Lilium ‘Forever Susan’ . Never believe what you read on the label. It is not even close. Still, it is big and bright and very orange and is getting on rather well with Rosa ‘Rhapsody in Blue’. Small mercies. I’m not giving up in my quest, I will nab that ‘Susan’ if it is the last thing I do! Until then I am focusing on delicate hues in the (my) pot garden.

Next, a darling, dusky, Primula capitata ‘Noverna Deep Blue’ which has got on and done the business without fuss or fancy. Respect.

Now, we have a stonking great seed capsule of Trillium sessile, the one I grew from seed and was recently reunited with. I am watching and waiting and wondering if I have the patience to sow more seed. Anyone interested? What I mean is, is anyone interested in some seed, not if I am going to grow any, which is not very interesting.

Onto, the first flower of my dwarf French bean ‘Tendergreen’. Very pretty. Now get on and give me a bean!

Number five is Impatiens arguta ‘Alba’, just coming into to flower and very welcome at that.

Lastly we have Dahlia merckii, a gift from the ever generous Anna in Cumbria. This year she has shined like the star she is! Thank you.

All done, keeping staying well and safe, my friends. ‘Till the next time.

Next Year

The Bishop's Garden, Wells Cathedral

There was a problem with my dahlia order.  Last autumn I selected a modest amount of mainly species varieties, plus one cultivar.  These would arrive in the spring as rooted cuttings, young and adorable.  Time trickled by and I began to wonder if I had been stood up.  I emailed, I was placated.  I was let down again.  I emailed, they confessed.  Some of my order was not available.  This did not surprise me, it has been a difficult year for growers.  We agreed on replacements.  Still I was a little forlorn as I was looking forward to growing merckii again.  There is always next year.   There is always, always next year, that is one of the wonderful things about gardening.

Now that little problem had been sorted out, I was told they would arrive forthwith.  Great news as I was going away for a long weekend on Friday morning.  Like a child waiting for Christmas, each day I rushed home “are they here?” only for my little face to fall when I was told “not yet”.  Thursday snuck up and still there had been no box of horti-bonbons delivered.  There was no other option, I would have to pass the potting up task to OH.  Not ideal.  He would try his best I am sure and beggars cannot be chosers.  Then, a tap at the door.  It was 9.15pm who could that be?  I had told Tom Hardy that I couldn’t go to the pictures with him that night, but he has been known to be rather persistent.  It was none other than my neighbour from across the road and he was clutching my parcel.  Before he had time to explain, I grabbed the packet, yelled some suitable platitudes and dashed to the shed to get the compost out.  Before long they were all potted up, well watered and given some suitable words of encouragement.

Baby dahlias

Let me introduce you to my charming crèche:  2 x  Dahlia dissecta, 1 x D. purpuseii, 1 x D. sorensenii, 2 x D. campanulata and 2 x D, ‘Candy Eyes’.  They might not all have been first choices, but each and every one of them is most welcome.  Although, a merckii would have been nice.  You are right, I must move on.  As Luther Vandross once sang, you should always “love the one you’re with”.  The following morning I would set off for Somerset knowing that they at least they had been planted the right way up.

On Saturday we visited Wells and The Bishop’s Palace.  A glorious day and an equally gorgeous garden.  And then, as if to rub salt into the wound, who should be blooming its little heart out in one of their sumptuous borders?  Yes, my almost, nearly, should have been me, Dahlia merckii.  Next year, definitely next year.

Dahlia merckii