Six on Saturday – Reverted

Right from the off, just in case it isn’t clear, this week I have reverted back to “Good Cop with a Hint of Malice”. A role that I am much better suited to. It has been a rather gloomy few days, but I have it on very good authority (OH) that after the weekend all will be sun and glory. And don’t we need it. If you would like to hear about good things happening in the world, then catch up with The SoS Gang who hang out at The Propagator’s; believe me, it will lift your spirits. There may be a little black spot or slug damage, but that is as sad as gets. Shall we shake a leg?

First we have a rose which has been splendid for weeks now. It is quite rampant, and could do with a good dead head, but today I am dwelling on the positives and things that don’t involve work for me.

I went and done it again. Such a beautiful nemesia, reduced from £7 to 99p. Seriously, could you resist? I don’t believe you.

Onto, the third and final hibiscus, Chez Peggy. This is the navy blue bud of Hibiscus syriacus ‘Oiseau Bleu’, also known as Bluebird, blowing us all a kiss. Weird or wonderful? You decide.

Now an unnamed helenium, bought at an open garden along with a couple (coughs) of other waifs and strays. I have planted this one in mum’s garden and it is making itself at home. A bit of a blurry shot, but apparently soft focus is where its at. Obviously, I made that bit up.

I first came across Salvia ‘African Skies’ at Cliffe, when Helen from Little Ash and her inimitable friend Bats came to visit and brought it as a gift. “What a lovely thought” I said, “and what colour is it?” Helen and Bats looked at each other, laughed and cried in unison “Blue!”. Of course, like the sky, I knew that ……. Whenever I look at it I smile in memory, which was reason enough to get another. It is also rather beautiful and I do love a salvia.

Finally …………….. ANOTHER LEAF ON THE ALOE POLYPHYLLA!!!!!!! *blows into paper bag* This is all the more exciting as I thought leaf No. 1, now known as least favourite leaf, was looking a little sickly. I am staggering around in the dark on this one. I have no clue on what to do for the best. I don’t want to under- or over-water, so I have been giving it a teaspoon of warm water every day or so and studying it (some might say obsessively) with Peggy’s illuminated magnifying glass. This is no tried and tested method discovered on Aloes-R-Us website, just a knee jerk reaction. Time will tell. Any top tips will be gratefully received, although no monies will be available to recompence your wisdom. I will, of course, keep you posted.

All done, hope you all have wonderful weeks wherever you might be. Spread the love.

Six on Saturday – Newbies and Surprises


Our Six on Saturday this week comprises of newbies and surprises.  Hopefully all will become clear, although this is not a certainty.  Of course I must first of all introduce our Meme Master, The Propagator, who guides his ever-expanding troupe of SoSer towards oblivion.  Or something like that, you had better take a look at his blog to find out the truth of the matter.

Let us begin with a newbie, one of two little bargain bidens I bought last week.  They are both Beedance hybrids, but as that is as far as the pot description goes, it is therefore the limit of my knowledge.  Except that they are gorgeous, but I think you could work that one out for yourself.  Now planted up in terracotta pots they are brightening up the back door step until the osteos recover from their harsh cut back. It might even inspire them to get a move on.

I grew the above plant from seed, believing it to be a moraea of some persuasion.  Last year it eventually sent up a flower spike and consequently I became very excited.  When I saw the bloom I was less so.  Say hello to my first surprise, Libertia grandiflora.   Although a lovely plant in its own right, I cannot help but feel a tinge of disappointment whenever I see it.  For this reason it might be relocated to a client’s garden.  Sorry Old Chap.  Not a good surprise.

Last weekend I went to the Post Office and came home with three new alpines for my diddy little clay planter.  On Ilfracombe High Street there is an antique/collectables shop that from time to time has a small table of plants at the front.  As I walked on the other side of the street I could hear them calling my name “Gill, Gill” they whispered, “cross the road, come and see how beautiful we are”.  So I did, and four came home with me.  The three planted here are Phlox sublata ‘McDaniel’s Cushion’, Iris setosa (Dwarf Form) and Veronica prostrata ‘Carrapit White’.  The fourth was planted elsewhere and will have to wait for another day.

This dark veined geranium was a sport on a plain pink plant in a client’s garden.  With permission I brought it home to nurture.  It seems to be healthy and upright and has lots of flower buds.   A nice surprise.


For a change this year I have bought some nemesia to join the “out the front in Windy City, Shady Land” gang.  Not their recommended planting position, I would agree.  However, they are strong plants, grown locally, and I liked them.  And I wanted them so I got them.  So far so good.

Salvia 'Joy'

Lastly another newbie I couldn’t resist.  In fact it would have been wrong to even attempt to.  This little darling is Salvia ‘Joy’.

Right, a quick tot up and it seems I have the requisite amount of contenders.  Haven’t heard anything from Mr K yet, hope he has a note.  Thanks again for your omnipresence Mr P, happy Six on Saturday to you all!