Six on Saturday – The Spring Feeling

After a flash-in-the-pan snow incident, I am left elated and feeling like I dodged a bullet. I went to bed with a white garden, I woke with it all seeming like a chilly dream. The other side of this polar blip is that I am feeling the spring vibe. This optimism has yet to manifestContinue reading “Six on Saturday – The Spring Feeling”

Love in a Meadow

The soil is parched, despite regular watering.  In spite of this hostile environment many of the plants on Button Moon are continuing on a trajectory so upward I am scared where it all might end.   No more so than the wildflower meadow.   Last year it was a mixed meadow, this season a little less diverse. Continue reading “Love in a Meadow”

Last Man Standing

One summer, when I returned to Cornwall for a short break, someone said that I looked “pale and interesting”.  What he meant was that I looked ill.   Like a city person.  Comparing and contrasting to those around me, it was painfully apparent that he was quite right.  It wasn’t about lack of colour, it wasContinue reading “Last Man Standing”