Love in a Meadow

The soil is parched, despite regular watering.  In spite of this hostile environment many of the plants on Button Moon are continuing on a trajectory so upward I am scared where it all might end.   No more so than the wildflower meadow.   Last year it was a mixed meadow, this season a little less diverse.  But not diminished in any way.  Dominated by candytuft in sugared almond shades, nigella intersperses from white to Marianas Trench blue.  It is a joy to behold, diverting.  What is more, it is a moving picture, with flitting butterflies and bees and all host of pollinators that I really should learn the name of, skimming and feasting.  This love in a mist, denim blue with spiny green ruff, was the winner in a very tough competition.  Until next time, when its crown will most certainly fall.

Last Man Standing

Love in the Mist Nigella

One summer, when I returned to Cornwall for a short break, someone said that I looked “pale and interesting”.  What he meant was that I looked ill.   Like a city person.  Comparing and contrasting to those around me, it was painfully apparent that he was quite right.  It wasn’t about lack of colour, it was about excess of pallor.  I didn’t take it as a compliment.

One solitary Love in the Mist stood firm in the whipping wind.  Faded by the weather, its fern-like collar still standing proud.  Although so far we have only had minor frosts, much is beginning to cultivate a bleached out look.  Pale and interesting.  Still much more attractive than that city girl.