Six on Saturday – Foreign Correspondent

Never say that I am not dedicated to the Six on Saturday cause.  In fact, Mr P, at the risk of blowing my own tuba, I think I deserve a special platinum star on the chart for today.  Don’t know who the illustrious Propagator is? Pop over to his blog and you will find outContinue reading “Six on Saturday – Foreign Correspondent”

Six on Saturday – the Frozen One

Let’s be honest, hands up, who wanted to do a Six on Saturday today?  Not me.  But as I live in fear of a) being called a wimp and ridiculed even more than usual by Mr K and b) the wrath of Our Commandant Mr P, here I am.  Expect a lot of white. ThereContinue reading “Six on Saturday – the Frozen One”

Six on Saturday – The Chilly One

It is no co-incidence that the acronym of Six on Saturday, is SOS, dot dot dot dash dash dash dot dot dot, if anyone is listening please send help, preferably Tom Hardy. In reality, I enjoy participating in this meme, both the challenge of submitting my post and joy of reading others’ offerings.  This weeklyContinue reading “Six on Saturday – The Chilly One”

Six on Saturday – Optimism

It is that time of the week again, the time for excuses and diversions.  But wait a moment!  This week, all is legitimate and legal, photos and text both created today.  Unlike some I could mention, however I do not like to tell tales, do I Mr K ? Six on Saturday time again hip hip horray! Continue reading “Six on Saturday – Optimism”

Six on Saturday – Necessity

It’s raining it’s pouring, I’m not going outside again after getting soaked walking miles to pick up my camera that I stupidly left in Max’s Dads’ car yesterday after a wonderful day out and had no transport because OH had taken the car to do the shopping and anyway I had jobs to do inContinue reading “Six on Saturday – Necessity”

Six on Saturday – Aforethought

The weather forecast for today was dreadful; torrential rain, howling north easterlies, possibly frogs.  So, as a dedicated disciple of Six on Saturday, and a most sensible and organised person, I took my photos yesterday.  Today, so far, has been quite dry.  This is not the point, which is that I was prepared for allContinue reading “Six on Saturday – Aforethought”

Soggy Six on Saturday

Another wet Saturday.  Another soggy Six on Saturday, SSoS.  If you would like to see how wet or dry my compadres are then pop over to the captain of our ship The Propagator and find out for yourself. So let us splodge on.  Shall we talk about the rain? In order to accurately convey my feelings onContinue reading “Soggy Six on Saturday”

Six on Saturday – Keeping Focused

It is incredible that I can manage to write anything at the moment.  The reason for my distraction is that seed from the Hardy Plant Society has arrived and I am very excited.   Possibly unnaturally so.  More of that tomorrow, today I must try to stay focused because it is of course Six on Saturday. Continue reading “Six on Saturday – Keeping Focused”

Happy New Six on Saturday

Happy New Six on Saturday to you all.  What is Six on Saturday you ask?  Can I believe my ears?  Where have you been for the last century, Mars?  I suggest you take your rocket ship over to Mr P’s planet, our commandant’s home, and it will all become clear.  Let us proceed. Earlier in theContinue reading “Happy New Six on Saturday”